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Magic Bluetooth Music singing Flowerpot
with Colorful Lamp and Bluetooth Speaker

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1. This is a magic 3-in-1 pots: Plant, Music, Night Light.
2. By touching the real plant, the flowerpot can make a wonderful piano sound.
3.By switching bluetooth mode, it will  instantly become a fashionable wireless speaker.
4. The rainbow night light mode can apply to different scene.
5.It is a creative flowerpot full of vitality with Exclusive Innovation Function. Through the embedded sensors of the soil, the plant on this flowerpot can feel your touch of the plant and return you the lively music & warm light.
6. How it works: By touching the plant , the sensor in the flowerpot will get the touching signal and then speaker will give the music sound. You can connect to your mobile phone by bluetooth model then it became a  popular speaker.

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